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In this four-part podcast series, find out what Tony Robbins teaches you to stop falling off the wagon and stay fired up (even in the face adversity). You’ll get a straight-to-the-point brief on lessons learned from Rachel Hollis, how Serena Williams overcomes challenges, and a simple approach to making room for more growth (and magic) in your life.

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"Brooke!! Your podcast presented itself to me at the exact moment I needed it and every episode is exactly what I need to hear every day. Your words lift me up and make me feel like I am not alone and I can do this. Most of them also bring up a lot of emotion and I end up shedding tears in my car!"
"Such an amazing podcast with content that is so relatable for women! Highly recommend! "
"Love this podcast! Short and sweet each week and always brings me a new message that I need to hear or topic in my life that needs improvement. I love how Brooke brings personal examples into her podcasts. She’s real, raw and inspiring! "
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